Our Projects for Developing Innovative Leaders

Global Enterprise Experience

The Global Enterprise Experience is an international business competition that aims to develop skills in managing across cultures, time zones, world views and levels of wealth and poverty.

Participants from around the world enrol as singles or in pairs to compete in teams of eight. Multinational teams compete, not countries.

Participants are generally students, graduate or undergraduate, who are studying international business, international relations, development, peace studies, management, business communications, information systems or marketing. Participants have also included entrepreneurs and citizens seeking to foster their skills in working in global teams. To date 155 universities and polytechnics in 64 countries have participated.

Each team is presented with an international business challenge for the team to agree on and write a six page proposal. In 2012, participants will be set the task:

"Write a six  page business concept proposal for a profitable product or service that links developed and developing countries for mutual benefit. Your project needs to draw on the diversity of your team members and their countries. The proposal is a preliminary investigation of a concept and sets out the rationale as to why your team should  receive a grant to undertake a full business plan. Your proposal will need to convince funders that this is a worthwhile project to pursue, with evidence of information, thoughtfulness, understanding of business issues, and an action plan for how your team would proceed with the venture.”

In addition, each participant is required to submit a one-page journal that outlines their experience and insights. The one page journal is essential to be eligible to win any of the prizes.

Participants communicate using interactive technology on the web. Easy access to computer resources and broadband helps but many participants have won using internet cafes, dial up services and meagre access to computers.

The 2012 contest will run from April 26 to May 17 and the prize giving will be in June. Go to www.geebiz.org to learn more about the contest, or to enrol for free.  Under "Archives" are examples of past reports and journals as well as heart warming stories of extraordinary commitment.


Social Epidemic to Reduce Alcohol Abuse

A Massey University study found that the cost of the use and abuse of alcohol in New Zealand including accounting for intangibles was $16.4 billion at a time when the New Zealand GDP was $168 billion. The scale of harm is very evident! We put our minds to looking at the leadership challenge of how to create a social epidemic to reduce the abuse of alcohol. Our voluntary work influenced the current and previous campaigns. Our paper on how to create a social epidemic is under articles.